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OddsMonkey Acca Finder

The Very Best Tool for Lay Sequential Accas in 2018

OddsMonkey launched the Acca Finder in May 2017 and the response from matched betters was....this is awesome!!

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is the Acca Finder?
  • Introduction Video
  • Step 1 - Selecting the Bookmaker
  • Step 2 - Selecting the Teams
  • Step 3 - Selecting the Lay Method
  • Step 4 - Saving the Acca
  • Step 5 - Placing the Bets
  • Step 6 - Tracking the Acca
  • Tip - Email Alerts
What Is The Acca Finder?

The Acca Finder automatically provides you with the most profitable accumulators for every bookmaker that offers Football Accumulator Refunds.

It is a better tool for lay sequential method and lay sequential lock in method than the Acca Matcher.

The key benefits are:

  • The most profitable accumulators for every bookmaker

  • Save and track every accumulator

  • Instantly calculates your next lay bet amount

  • Email reminders for your next lay bet

  • Advanced filter for bookmakers, exchanges, date range and teams

Introduction Video

Check out the OddsMonkey introduction video lasting only a few minutes (free membership to OddsMonkey needed to view the video):

Let's now cover the 6 key steps to using the Acca Finder:

Step 1 - Selecting the Bookmaker

Use the dropdown menu on the top right of the Acca Finder to select 1 bookmaker:

If you prefer to view multiple bookmakers, click Filter, then select the bookmakers that you intend to use to complete accumulator offers:

Once you have selected your bookmakers, click Apply.

If you only use Betfair or Smarkets, you can select just one of the exchanges in the filter directly below the bookmaker list.

Not sure which bookmaker(s) to select? I recommend checking out the Best Accumulator Offers guide!

Step 2 - Selecting the Teams

The Acca Finder will show you the most profitable accumulators available for that bookmaker.

The below screenshot shows that I have selected William Hill as the bookmaker and the most profitable accumulator has an EV (expected value) of £7.91:

Should you simply choose the Acca with the highest EV?

I will do so, but only if the 5 teams are from major leagues. So if there are teams from minor leagues, then I will scroll down until I see an acca with 5 teams from the major leagues.

EV (Expected Value) Column Explained

The £7.91 expected value is the profit you are expected to make from this £50 accumulator using the Lay Sequential Method.

I recommend instead using Lay Sequential Lock In Method as this guarantees you a profit from every accumulator. The EV will be slightly lower than the EV shown due to slightly higher exchange commission paid as you are continuing to lay off the accumulator until 2 teams have lost.

QL (Qualifying Loss) Column Explained

This column only applies to Lay Sequential Method. You can ignore this column if using the Lock In method.

The -£7.89 qualifying loss is the loss you will make every time from this £50 accumulator when using the Lay Sequential Method.

However, as you will receive a £50 free bet approximately 40% of the time, in the long term you will make a £7.91 net profit from each accumulator you place (the Expected Value figure).

If you haven't yet, I would recommend reading the Lay Sequential and Lay Sequential Lock In guides.

Step 3 - Selecting The Lay Method

Once you have selected your accumulator, click 'Open' on the far right of the accumulator:

Then select the Lay Method you are using, in this example I have selected Lay Sequential Lock In:

You can see the QL has now changed from -£7.89 loss to £7.23 profit.

This £7.23 profit represents the guaranteed profit you will make from this £50 accumulator using the Lay Sequential Lock In Method.

The EV stays at £7.91 as this is the Expected Value should you wish to switch to using the Lay Sequential Method instead.

Step 4 - Saving The Acca

Once you have selected your lay method, click Save on the bottom right, as circled in the screenshot above.

You can view your saved accas at anytime using the My Accas at the top of Acca Finder:

Step 5 - Placing The Bets


Head to the bookmaker website and select the 5 teams and select the accumulator/multiple/fivefold in the betslip.

For each fixture, you can see whether to select the home or away team based on the Bet column:

You can also use tell from the bookmaker odds as you will always be backing the lowest odds team!


You can see which exchange to use and the lay stake in the right hand columns:

In this example, your lay stake is £48.53 with a £17.96 liability.

Simply place this lay bet in the exchange and now it's time to sit back and relax until the result is in!

Step 6 - Tracking The Acca

Once 1st Match Has Finished

And before the second match has started, return to your saved acca and click W or L depending on whether your team won or lost:

Also check the Lay box to confirm you layed the bet.

The Acca Finder will automatically calculate the lay bet for your next match:

Repeat After Each Match

Continue to repeat this process of updating the result and placing the next lay bet until 1 team has lost (Lay Sequential) or 2 teams have lost (Lay Sequential Lock In).  The Acca Finder will show you a reminder to stop laying if this happens:

Once your acca is complete, enjoy the profit risk free! 

The 6 steps may seem like they will take a while to learn but once you have done a few football accumulators, you feel just as comfortable completing these offers as you do simple Bet X Get Y offers!

Tip - Email Alerts

To help ensure you don't miss laying a team during your accumulator, simply check the 'email alerts' box and then click Save:

You will then receive an email 1 hour before the kick off for each game:

Any Questions?

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