Bet365 and Paddy Power 14up

Bookmaker bet paid as cash out as winner if your NFL team goes 14 points up! God Bless 'Murica!

Bookmaker bet paid out as cash if your team goes 14 points up!

This guide assumes you are already familiar with the 2up offer. If not, it is highly recommended you read our 2up guide here before proceeding. The fundamentals are largely the same and much of the strategy used in 2up is also applied in 14up, so we will focus more on the differences between the two here.


Bet365 and Paddy Power both run this excellent American football refund offer; however Paddy Power only offer it on televised games, whereas Bet365 cover all NFL games throughout the week. Make sure the game you are betting on is covered before you place your bets!

American football is divided into four quarters of 15 mins. In theory this means it should be shorter than a 90-minute football match, but when the half-time break is taken into account plus the fact that the clock is stopped every time the ball goes out of play or there is an infraction, it means the average game lasts around three hours!

14up Key Terms
  • Minimum stake: None
  • Maximum stake: Maximum stake the bookmaker is willing to accept (£100 to £500 usually)
  • Bet365 eligible games: all NFL games
  • Paddy Power eligible games: televised games only
  • Bookmaker terms: Bet365 & Paddy Power
Game Times and Odds

Most games are played on a UK Sunday evening, the start time depending on where the game is played, but there is also one televised game on Monday and a handful scattered throughout the rest of the week.

Simply back and lay teams with very close odds (97%+) on the Moneyline market. You will notice that the odds are shorter than you’d normally expect in a football match, with sometimes both teams being under 2.0 back odds. This is because there are only two outcomes, with a tie not possible to bet on as they are very rare (an American football game can only be tied after a fifth overtime quarter has been completed with no winner).

It’s also important to know that unlike football, where most markets only include 90-min results, the Moneyline market includes overtime. If a game does end in a tie after overtime, all bets are declared void and your back stake and lay liability will be returned to you.

Going 14up

Teams have four plays (known as downs) to advance 10 yards on the field towards their opponent’s end zone. If they achieve this, they earn another “first down” and go again. If they fail to advance 10 yards by fourth down, they usually punt it up the field so the opponent has further to travel back towards their own end zone.

A team can go 14up in a number of ways: if they throw and catch or run the ball into the opponent’s end zone, this is known as a  touchdown (TD), which is worth 6 points, or 7 if the kicker scores the extra-point attempt afterwards. Therefore, two unanswered converted TDs would put a team on 14-0. A field goal can also be scored by a player kicking it between the posts during open play—these are worth 3 points.

Once your team has gone 14up (eg 14-0, 17-3, 21-7, etc) your choices are much the same as in 2up:

  • Lock in a small profit by cashing out your lay bet. This means you only pay out a portion of liability on initial lay bet whilst still winning the full amount on Bet365/Paddy (as they have paid out).

  • Hope to make a big profit by doing nothing and hope the opponents score 15+ points so your team lose the game. This means you win both the lay stake and the Bet365/Paddy back bet.

Again, as with 2up there is no maximum stake, so put on as much as you can comfortably afford, usually around £50 to £100 makes a decent profit when they hit.

Considering the start times of a lot of these games, you may want to choose only European-friendly games, or adjust your trade-out strategy and let them ride overnight if you are early to bed. If you do stay up to lock in profit during the game, make sure to use the Oddsmonkey Early Payout Calculator

One other thing to watch out for is that the odds can change significantly even without one team scoring. If a team with a strong quarterback  and wide receivers has the ball close to their opponent’s end zone on first down versus a weak defense, it is almost like they have scored the TD already!

We hope you have found this guide helpful—if you have any questions please reach out to us using the methods below.

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