12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway 2020

Buschra Rudd 
Queen Of Matched Betting

🎄Yes I said it! To all you humbugs out there, look away now because this is the Team Profit Christmas competition! 🤶🎉

So all you jingle ladies and gents, we want to see your Xmas spirit! No not the vodka or gin! 😜

How Do I Enter?

You can enter by posting in the Facebook group here

This can be any or all of the 12 categories for the 12 days of giveaways!

🔴a elf on a shelf funny photo with caption (for the top prize )

🟢a S-elfie of you (family optional) in a fun Xmas setting

🔴a funny Xmas card that you wrote yourself (move over Hallmark employees!!)

🟢Fun Xmas puns and/or play on words- It’s most pun-derful time of the year!!

🔴Poems or Xmas song lyrics

🟢Xmas crafts

🔴Xmas decorations around your house. We want to see your tree, windows, everything!

🟢Xmas homemade baked goods and recipes. Yum!

🔴Xmas costumes and any cool fun Xmas attire. Pyjamas included and come on dads, get the Santa suit on!

🟢A letter to Santa

🔴GIFs and/or images (photoshop is allowed too)

🟢Your new year’s resolution(s) 

There's no elf and safety here so let your inspiration guide you! If you want to go completely Elfin Quarantino and break the rules, you can! Colour outside the lines and think outside the gift box. If your head is going to pop with ideas, that's completely ok because.....


What Can I win? 

Now onto the good part! The gifts and prizes!! 🎁

Winners for each category will be announced one per day from Dec 7th-18th.
Winners will be selected at random. £10 voucher for each category except….
The elf on a shelf. For the most creative entry, the winner will receive £30 in vouchers. 👏

Yes that’s right, calm down and don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. We are feeling very generous. 💰🤑

💡Remember, you can enter any category as many times as you want. 

So get your Christmas jumpers on and your fairy lights up and get posting! 🙌

Happy holiYAYs and good luck!!!!!!!🍀