Time: 15mins
Expected Profit: £3

10bet Weekly In-Play Bet Club


10bet have a promotion that runs every week from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 whereby you bet 5 x £10 inplay and receive a £10 free bet. 10bet's odds aren't great but if you can find 5 close matches on football events at half time then you can make a quick profit. All events and markets eligible, inplay bets only. MUST OPT IN.

  • This offer is best done on Saturday's when the premier league games are on. There are normally 8 matches on at a weekend so you can find 5 decent matches at half time.

Key Terms
  • Min odds: 2.0+

  • Min stake: 5 x £10

  • Markets: All Markets Eligible

  • Qualifying Period: Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59


  • In-play bets only

The Strategy

To trigger the £10 free bet, you must place 5 bets of at least £10 at odds of 2.0+ inplay. The easiest way to do this is to pick a big day of football and wait until all of the games are on a half time break. Then compare the back and lay odds for each match manually (inplay isn't on the oddsmatcher unfortunately.

Step 1 Find A Match

Opt in first. Open up 10bet and your exchange and find a close match between the back and lay odds for any event and any market that is currently inplay.

  • The reason we stick to half time is so the odds won't move because of a goal. If you place a back bet when a goal is scored, your lay price could shoot up causing a huge loss!

Step 2 Place Your Back And Lay Bets

Bet £10 on 10bet on the inplay market of your choice.

  • We would normally advise a maximum loss of 50p however 10bet's odds aren't normally great, so you can take a loss of up to 80p for this to still be profitable.

Step 3 The Free Bet

After your bets have settled you will receive a £10 inplay free bet for any inplay market.

  • This offer can't be combined with any 10bet offers as the bets have to be in-play, however 5 quick and easy matches make it a good offer to attempt on busy days.

Additional Tips
  • Free bets expire 7 days after being credited.

  • Don't forget to OPT IN.

  • 10bet's odds aren't great so check out all markets of a game, not just match result (over/under goal markets tend to be good).

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