If you've been away from Matched Betting for a little while then it can feel a little overwhelming when first trying to "get back into it". Maybe you feel like you’ve forgotten everything, or you’re wondering where to start. Well, first thing's first: do not panic! You’ll be back to hitting offers and bringing in a tidy profit in no time.  To help you on your way, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for getting back into matched betting after a break!  

1- Check Your Accounts And Logins

The first thing to do, although not the most exciting of tasks, is to go through the bookmaker accounts that you have already.  Make a list of the bookmakers that you are already signed up to, check that you know the login details, and if you have any money in accounts that you are unlikely to use for reloads, withdraw it so that you can put it to better use elsewhere. 

2 - Fundamentals Refresher (Optional)

If you’re just getting back into matched betting, it's certainly a good idea to take some time to read through our guides to refresh your knowledge.  If you’re looking to refresh your knowledge of the basics, head over to our video guides here:

Video Guides
3 - Smash Some Welcome Offers

Now that you’ve worked out which bookmakers you have accounts with, it's time to work out which you don’t!  If you’ve taken a break from matched betting, then you should have some bookmakers that you are yet to sign up to.   Bookmaker welcome offers can be quick, easy, risk-free profit so are the perfect place to start if you are returning to matched betting.   Get some guaranteed profit under your belt, build your bankroll, and by increasing your number of bookie accounts, you’re going to have more reload offers available to you.  

Our welcome offers list is the perfect place to start, with over 30 bookmaker welcome offers and more than £800 of expected profit, so you should definitely find something to get stuck into. However, for a really comprehensive list of welcome offers, you’re going to want to check out Oddsmonkey, whose welcome offers page has over 60 bookmaker welcome offers to be taking advantage of!  And if you’re new to Oddsmonkey, be sure to take advantage of Team Profit’s exclusive offer, a 10 day trial for just £1!

Team Profit Welcome Offers
Oddsmonkey Welcome Offers (60+ Bookies!)
4 - Reload Offers Refresher

Once you’ve finished with the welcome offers, you’re going to want to move onto reload offers.  We recommend starting off with the basics, like Price Boosts and Weekly Bet Clubs, which are great, consistent regular profits.   Check out our guide here for lots more information on making a consistent £300+ per month from reload offers:

Team Regular Guide
5 - Check The Daily Profit And Blog

Every morning we release The Daily Profit (The Weekend Profit on weekends) on our blog.  Here we run through the day’s sporting events and the best offers. Make sure you’re checking it out to ensure you’re not missing out on any juicy offers!  

The Daily Profit

Also,our matched betting blog is the perfect place to keep up-to-date with all the latest matched betting news, Team Profit announcements, and much more! 

Matched Betting Blog
6 - (Re)subscribe To Oddsmonkey

If you’re serious about getting back into matched betting, and maximising your profits, you’re going to want a subscription to a premium matched betting service.  We recommend Oddsmonkey! Not only do they have a comprehensive welcome offers list, as previously mentioned, but they also have some fantastic tools, like an Oddsmatcher, lots of handy calculators and a forum for finding and discussing offers.   Plus, you can take advantage of Oddsmonkey’s promotion with Smarkets which will allow you to pay no commission on all lay bets until the end of September! Using Oddsmonkey is going to make you a faster, more efficient and more profitable matched bettor.  And what’s more, you can take advantage of Team Profit’s exclusive offer to give you 10 days of complete access to Oddsmonkey for just £1!

Start Your £1 Trial!

  And for lots of information on reload offers, covering Football, Horse Racing, Accumulators, Bet Clubs and lots more, head over to our reload guides section here:

Reload Offer Guides
7 - Mug Betting?

If you’ve taken a break from matched betting for a while, then bookmakers might no longer consider you to be an active customer, and may therefore not be sending you out reload offers by email.  You could think about, although this isn’t essential or guaranteed to achieve anything, placing a mug bet or two on some of the larger bookmakers, to reactivate your account and hopefully stimulate a reload offer or two.   Check out our mug betting guide for more information:

Mug Betting Guide
8 - Open A New Exchange Account

If you’re relatively new to matched betting, then chances are you only have one exchange account (likely Betfair), however it can make a lot of sense to also have accounts with the other exchanges.   Betfair Exchange charges a 5% commission rate on lay bets. In comparison, Smarkets and Matchbook charge 2% and 1.5% respectively, so by placing your lay bets on one of these exchanges, you could save yourself a lot of money in commission!  Likewise, you can often find that the lay odds are better on one exchange than the others, and so by having a choice of exchanges, you give yourself the best chance of finding close matches.   

Plus, by signing up to Matchbook through the link below, you can pay no commission on all sports until January 31st 2020, and by being a premium member of Oddsmonkey, you can pay no commission on Smarkets until 30th September 2019!  Give yourself more flexibility, and save yourself lots of money, by signing up to Smarkets and/or Matchbook via the links below.  

0% Commission for 30 days

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*Must sign up via this welcome offer page  to be eligible for this 0% commission
*Up to £50 commission refunded back to you as cash
*Refunded every Wednesday
*For your first 30 days since registration

£10 Refund

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Step 1: Choose Your Team and Deposit £10

Step 2: Find your chosen team's next Premier League Match & Check you haven't bet on it

Step 3: Back £10 On Smarkets

Step 4: Calculate the lay stake

Step 5: Lay your bet

Step 6: Repeat for the next 4 Premier League fixtures

0% Commission

Visit Offer
  1. 0% Commission until 31st May 2019
  2. Offer only available from the Team Profit Link
9 - Team Casino

Once you’ve got back into matched betting, you might want to consider increasing your profits and diversifying your earnings by starting low risk casino.  The perfect way to do this is to check out Team Casino. This is a great new service that we have launched, which is dedicated to making casino offers simpler, more profitable and time efficient than ever before! You can expect to make on average £700+ from our casino welcome offers list, and up to £200 per week from reload offers.   Check out the links below for more information.

Why You Need Team Casino
Start Your £1 Trial Here
10 - Take Your Time And Enjoy It!

There are so many different ways to make money matched betting.  If you try and do too much too quickly, then you risk becoming overwhelmed and making mistakes.  Don’t start thinking about accumulator offers for example, before you’ve finished the basic welcome offers.  Take your time, ease yourself back into it, and slowly bring in new types of offers as you become more comfortable again.  You’ll enjoy the process far more, and see your profits grow nicely over time.  

I hope that you have found this guide useful.  If you have any questions or thoughts at all, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here